Are You Confused About Your Tax Limits?
Are You Confused About Your Tax Limits?
June 29, 2017
Principles of Accounting and Accounting Assumptions
Principles of Accounting and Accounting Assumptions
June 29, 2017
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SEC’s Teotia to Arena: Do not Lose the Disclosure Ball on Rev Rec

SEC’s Teotia to Arena: Do not Lose the Disclosure Ball on Rev Rec


SEC’s Teotia to Arena: Do not Lose the Disclosure Ball on Rev Rec

Talking in Financial Executive International’s 2017 Accounting Change for Financial Leaders convention in Philadelphia on Wednesday, Teotia said businesses implementing the new benchmark shouldn’t forgo superior disclosure whilst focusing on the technological accounting changes necessary from the new norm.

“It can be freely shocking, but when you thought of it a year ago that now there’s more discussion about disclosure than there’s approximately Non-GAAP,” Teotia explained. “However it ought to not be any surprise that individuals value disclosure and transparency for investors”

Actually 2014, the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued a new benchmark for sales recognition to improve comparability across sectors. The new standard incorporates several critical alterations along with the timeline for implementation is January 1, 2018.

Teotia described that the SEC has come to be increasingly concentrated on the disclosure part of the revenue recognition standards since preparers have consumed the bookkeeping and other technological requirements of execution over the past 12 weeks.

(******).”Now you might be asking yourself, while studying our addresses, why we discuss disclosure so far,” Teotia informed the crowd. “Our observation is that these disclosures could be time-consuming. In some instances, and for a few businesses, it’s has taken some time to locate information they’ve never had wanted before”

For instance, Teotia stated implementing the Passport rec standard might consist of data and data from disparate areas of the company that haven’t supplied similar disclosures before.

“Let us say you’re likely to use sales disaggregation and you will slice and dice something fresh,” he explained. “That would necessitate getting other company units involved and obtaining the business involved and examining a sustainable method of how you’re likely to pull that info.”

Preparers have created significant improvements about the technological facets of sales recognition execution, like internal controls along with Non-GAAP conversion, and Teotia added. “A year ago, about, is if the SEC set out the advice on Non-GAAP. And at a relatively short quantity of time there were still important progress designed for investors,” he explained. “This was really on account of the whole career working jointly. Obvious, y we had a position. However there is a important part by audit committees plus a important function by preparers.”

The SEC proceeds to handle outstanding technical problems associated with rev rec and many “hot issues,” that comprise, based on Teotia:-LRB-*******)

  • Principal above representative dilemmas
  • Performance obligations)
  • Non-GAAP factors
  • Definition of contracts(for example*********)
  • Scoping
  • “Business” factors

However if it’s technical in character, or concentrated on disclosure, Teotia promotes preparers to process the SEC ancient to increase concerns prior to the close of the year deadline.

“Where this really wouldn’t go well is that, even in case in December, we now receive 35 appointment requests,” he explained.


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