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April 26, 2017
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April 26, 2017
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Colibri’s PDF capture function can help you streamline daily accounting tasks. Currently, not many vendor invoices are processed through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which means that majority of vendor invoices are still received as PDF documents or paper. This makes the processing of capturing the data from a vendor invoice slow and inefficient. Mistakes in classification and data entry lead to late payments, missed discounts, deteriorating relationships with suppliers and cost overrides.
Use the benefit of Pdf Capture from WorkBook module or general data entry tool of Colibri software suite

Invoice processing made easy via PDF capture:
The total task of invoice processing includes sorting documents, manual data entry and archiving invoice can be a burden on the business. With Colibri PDF capture these negative effects can be easily avoided. Colibri uses the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology in PDF capture function that takes a paper document, usually an invoice, scans and “reads” it and turns it into metadata that can be used to populate fields in a database.

Invoice processing made easy via PDF captureSapphireOne’s PDF capture solution will streamline your daily accounting tasks, eliminate time-consuming presorting of vendor invoices and supporting documents, improve data accuracy and free of personnel from doing manual keying. This ensures data integrity with automatic rules and validations.
Automated vendor invoice capture is a complicated task because the position of data (e.g. company name, vendor invoice, total price etc) fields that are to be extracted, varies greatly from one form to another. Data may be positioned anywhere on the page; in addition, it can include columns arranged in different order. The logic driving Colibri’s PDF capture function imitates human reason, for example, to look up the number on a vendor invoice a person would look for the keywords which determine the meaning of the value such as invoice, invoice number, invoice ID etc. Usually, the value will be somewhere next to or below these keywords. In most cases, Colibri PDF capture is able to identify keywords and find the data and populate in the Colibri database automatically. Colibri PDF capture allows capturing data from the majority of vendor invoices correctly.

PDF capture allows capturing data from the majority of vendor invoices correctly.If PDF capture comes across different types of PDF files or keywords that it is not familiar with, the operator then can simply draw a box around that keyword and the program will file it info the Colibri database.
Successful transaction of PDF captureThis new PDF capture functionality of Colibri is a Document capture software that will help your organization to reduce the cost of vendor invoice processing and improve relationships with your key vendors. To get more information about Colibri’s PDF capture vendor invoice processing, request a demo.

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