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Organization Structure of Sapphire Single user and Colibri Client Server, ERP Accounting Software is based on traditional double-entry accounting. The heart of a double-entry accounting system is the General Ledger, which is composed of a series of accounts called the Chart of Accounts.


Accounting Software Structure:
Inventory is the heart of the Sapphire and Colibri system.
Sapphire and Colibri provides a comprehensive suite of inventory management functions. Almost all transactions from both Sales and Purchases within Sapphire and Colibri are based on an inventory item of some type.
On the sales side, we have a


  • Quotes – type code QCI
  • Orders – type code OCI
  • Invoices – type code SCI
  • Client Credits – type code SCC


And on the purchasing side, we have

  • Requisitions –type code RVI
  • Orders – type code OVI
  • Invoices – type code PVI
  • Vendor Credits – type code PVC


When projects are used, additional transactions will be created from projects mode; there are

  • Project Journals type code JGJ
  • Work Journals – type code WGJ


Accounts Mode-
Once the transactions have been raised in Inventory Mode the appropriate transactions may be linked transactions may be entered in accounts mode.

Sapphire and Colibri provides all standard accounting functions for the entry of transactions relating to your clients. These include:

  • Money receipts – type code MR
  • Client invoices – type code CI
  • Client credits – type code CC
  • Client receipts – type code CR
  • Client journals – type code CJ


Sapphire and Colibri provides all standard accounting procedures for the entry of transactions for your suppliers. These include:

  • Money payments – type code MP
  • Vendor invoices – type code VI
  • Vendor credits – type code VC
  • Vendor payments – type code VP
  • Vendor journals- type code VJ.


Posting a transaction will write the balances to your general ledger account and they may no longer be modified as is normal business practice once the transactions is posted.

Job Projects-
Job Projects are used when consolidation and the tracking of income and expedition is required.

  • Transactions that are created by Job projects from sales are Project Invoices – type code JCI and Project Credit Memos – type code JCC.
  • They are also created from the purchase side and these range from vendor invoices – type code VI and vendor credits – type code VC.
  • Resources may also be used in a Job project. These can be resource based. These transactions are given a type code RS. A job projects based transactions which is given a type code PR.


Sapphire and Colibri Payroll / HR is designed to complement Sapphire and Colibri Financials. Sapphire and Colibri Payroll operates with all the same standards and methods as Sapphire and Colibri Financials, including all reporting layouts.
Resource and project time sheets may also be directly imported into Sapphire and Colibri’s payroll / HR system.
Payroll / HR transfers data to financials using a general ledger journal – type code GJ, or Vendor Invoice type code VI.

Assets –
Sapphire and Colibri provide control of depreciation as well as the management of the purchase and sales of your company’s assets. Asset depreciation is calculated on a company basis and an Australian Taxation Office – ATO standard rate which is the rate that is transferred to your general ledger. The system uses a general ledger journal type code GJ, and vendor invoice – type code VI, when transferring the data to the general ledger.


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